Push Docker Image to Docker Registry using Azure Pipeline

Azure Pipeline

Azure Pipelines combines the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to constantly and consistently test and build your code and deploy it to any target. With the help of this we are going to push docker image to docker public registry. For this to work we need :

  • Docker Hub Account
  • Azure Devops Account
  • And code to create an image with Dockerfile

Docker Hub

Docker hub is place for storing, testing the container images of our applications. With the free account we can setup public registries as much as we want.

Azure Devops

This account to use pipeline feature. To build and deploy our desired container image to Docker Hub.

Code to Deploy

The code we are going to create image with, is stored on github repository. Azure Devops provides the feature to use different repositories. In this case, we are going to use GitHub Repository.

How to Do it?

Before going further, ensure that we have all the prerequisites with us. Dockerfile is used to build the images. As it contains all the instructions to create the image like dependencies, commands, entrypoint etc. This Dockerfile stored on github repo with the same instructions ( the relative paths to directories ) as we are going to build image on our machine.

  • In the organization setting, search for service Connection and click New Service Connection and opt for Docker Registry option.
  • Next to that, defining the DockerID and password, give the Service Connection desired name and Click Save Configure
# Docker
# Build a Docker image
# https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/devops/pipelines/languages/docker
- master
- repo: self
tag: '$(Build.BuildId)'
- stage: Build
displayName: Build image
- job: Build
displayName: Build
vmImage: 'ubuntu-latest'

- task: Docker@2
displayName: Login to Docker Hub
command: login
containerRegistry: test
- task: Docker@2
displayName: Build and Push
command: buildAndPush
repository: username/repository
tags: |